A Day-by-Day Look at MMI Singles Play in the ITA Tournament

A Day-by-Day Look at MMI Singles Play in the ITA Tournament

Meridian, MS—The Marion Military Institute Tigers recently competed in the 2015 Southern JUCO USTA/ITA Small College Regional Championship at the Northeast Park Tennis Center.  A four-day span of play produced some sparkling results for the Tigers.

Below is a quick peek of the day-to-day action in the tournament.

Day 1—Wednesday, September 16

Blake McDonald (MMI) def. Mathew Burks (Hinds CC)—7-5, 6-2

Ben Lee (MMI) def. Joshua Redmond (Meridian CC)—6-0, 6-2

Max Holloway (MMI) def. Will Stewart (East Central CC)—6-2, 7-5

Day 2—Thursday, September 17

Adam Bahney (MMI) def. Nathan Hollis (Meridian CC)—6-0, 6-3

Harrison Foster (MMI) def. Caleb Flurry (Mississippi Gulf Coast CC)—6-1. 6-0

Andrew Wright (MMI) def. Owen Taylor (Holmes CC)—6-3, 6-2

Ben Lee (MMI) def. Graham Murphree (East Central CC)—6-0, 6-1

Chris Diep (Mississippi Gulf Coast CC) def. Blake McDonald (MMI)—6-2, 6-4

Brett Bowen (Mississippi Gulf Coast CC) def. Max Holloway (MMI)—6-2, 6-2

Adam Bahney (MMI) def. JT Champion (Meridian CC)—6-1, 6-0

Harrison Foster (MMI) def. Cole Duty (East Central CC)—6-0, 6-1

Andrew Wright (MMI) def. Landon Young (Hinds CC)—6-1, 6-1

Noah James (Meridian CC) def. Ben Lee (MMI)—7-5, 2-6, 10-6

Day 3—Friday, September 18

Adam Bahney (MMI) def. Brett Bowen (Mississippi Gulf Coast CC)—6-1, 6-1

Harrison Foster (MMI) def. Noah James (Meridian CC)—6-2, 2-6, 10-6

Sam Blackburn (Mississippi Gulf Coast CC) def. Andrew Wright (MMI)—5-7, 7-6 (4), 10-8

Adam Bahney (MMI) def. Sam Blackburn (Mississippi Gulf Coast CC)—5-3 (40-love)/WO

Jason Pimenta (Meridian CC) def. Harrison Foster (MMI)—6-0, 6-0

Day 4—Saturday, September 19 (Championship Match)

Jason Pimenta (Meridian CC) def. Adam Bahney (MMI)—6-2, 6-1



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